Heroes & Whiskey: The Podcast: The Trailer


What happens when you give a film and TV nerd too much of their favorite cocktail and ask them to talk about nerdy stuff? We're about to find out. At the Heroes and Whiskey podcast, we are going meta, talking about our favorite properties: Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and everything in between while trying to unlock why they're our favorite. 

What works in these narratives? What doesn't? What's good storytelling and what makes us yell noooooo (best Darth Vader impression). Can there ever be another Star Wars? Is the hero's journey the journey we want to be on? What happens at the midpoint of every great story? Is the most iconic line and fantasy film history to blame when stories go bad? We'll be talking about all of it and more, 

Life is too short for podcasts about things that matter. We say do what's right… love mercy… walk humbly… tell great stories and drinks superior spirits. 

The basement bar is open. Cheers!